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  • Toby is Recruiting! and the Second Scrim team is taking on members as well, Message AchillesM with any requests.
  • Current Admins; AchillesM (Pinkie), Space Hawk, Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity.


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Impending Marriage

Comments 2 By New Zealand AchillesM in TOBY on Monday 16 December @ 07:46


Been a long time, and i would like to start by apologizing for the lack of info and updates on this site. I intend to make this a weekly update at bare minimum. I will also be giving access to some other members to make news articles so hopefully we will be seeing updates from them before too long.

Onto the news! first up we have the impending marriage of myself (AchillesM) and PrincessPinkie
i would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported me through the lead up to this. As some of you know you have been my stress release for a while now. also thanks to the good wishes everyone has been sending our way, I'm making sure to pass the good vibes onto Pinkie too.

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Comments 1 By New Zealand AchillesM in TOBY on Thursday 18 April @ 22:52

ANZAC Day is coming,

I don't know about you but here in NZ the RSA (retired Servicemen Assoc.) makes small Poppies for everyone that donates and sets up donation stands around town.
If this is the same near you, Please Donate, now I know some of you don't have lot of cash and I understand that but every bit helps! I would like it if we could all Pitch in and make sure All of us donate Something.

Give, For those who died, to those who came home.

!!Chivalry Event & Clan News!!

Comments 0 By New Zealand AchillesM in TOBY on Thursday 11 April @ 17:13

Hi all,

Its been a while since we had a news update but its good to see that the site is still getting some traffic. Please use the forums for any questions or even reviews of games etc.

As i has been a while I will be running a Chivalry Event this Saturday, it is an open invite (so not clan only) and will start at 8.15pm Sydney time, try to be online ready to go at 8.15pm.
We will be running through a series of maps and class restrictions but it is far from formal at this stage, however on the day if you are seriously interested in joining any TØBY scrim team please let me know so i can take names pre-game and set teams appropriately.

For more general clan catch ups please click the Read More link.

AUS Clan Gathering

Comments 9 By New Zealand AchillesM in TOBY on Saturday 09 March @ 14:48

Hey guys I was thinking of hosting a meetup for the TOBY members of New South Wales and/or other states, if you're interested of course .

So basically this is still in planning in order to work with everyone's various schedules, we will be meeting up most likely during the school holidays which will be in about 5-6 weeks time in order to sort out days off work or transport from other states (the meetup will be in New South Wales, seeing as a majority of TOBY members are based in NSW and the organizer of this event lives in NSW) e.g. Country Link (State to State Railway), long drives etc. I was thinking of meeting up in the City (Sydney) in which we will meet up and either go for lunch (most likely Pepper Lunch by either bowling, laser tag or karaoke at Mizuya ( which is a Japanese restaurant & karaoke bar. It will be expected to finish around 8-9, if you need a place to stay for the night afterwards I will be willing to provide accommodation at my house in Castle Hill. The following day I will guide people to Central Station where most trains depart so people may return to their various hometowns. Overall it will be a day of fun and will help us bond as a clan and as a team. Graydon, you'd better me studying. Thanks - Hoonsta


MineCraft Server

Comments 0 By New Zealand AchillesM in TOBY on Monday 04 March @ 13:21


Well the Old Minecraft world was destroyed, thanks to your fellow clan members (I wont name names) But luckily I have a back up from the first of march.

However the server has had a new mod pack loaded onto it, this is a Feed-The-Beast pack known as Direwolf20. To play in this modded mode please get the FTB launcher from this link: .

For more info on the server click the Read more link.